Clínica Europa – Private Hospital has always welcomed all foreign nationals. In fact, the ability to serve the international community residing in the Cascais / Estoril area was at the very origin of the Clinic.

Nowadays, Clínica Europa receives clients from all around the world, looking specifically for our first-class healthcare services and our renowned clinical staff.

Our country’s specific context delivers some of the best medical and surgical standards in the world, under relatively low intervention costs. Clínica Europa adds this to a magnificent, hotel-grade seaside location, only a few minutes away from a few rounds of golf.

Both our doctors and reception staff can speak in English and in a number of other languages. Plus, we may also help you make arrangements regarding international insurance policies and coordinating relations with embassies, agencies, etc.
Should you be interested in visiting us for specific healthcare treatments, we can also cater for a number of benefits – hotels, entertainment, transportation – to make your stay with us even more pleasant and rewarding.